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Hi Everyone! I'm Chantelle, the creator of ChannyintheCity. I am a NYC based professional and fashion blogger/stylist, showcasing fun, versatile office looks proving, dressing for the office is just as a fun as dressing for a night on the town. 


Here you'll find fashion inspiration geared toward working women. Like most women, I work a 9-5 and don't have the cash on hand to constantly shop, nor do I have the desire to constantly shop. Most looks featured will be a good mix of old and new clothing. I'm sharing my style with the world to show you can go to work everyday looking stylish without wearing black all the time.  My goal is to inspire others to learn how to shop for long lasting trends, not fads, and to build a timeless, yet chic closet. Feel free to message me with any fashion questions you have. 

XOXO ChannyintheCity

Photo Credit: Alona Jey