New Blog Design and Concept

Photo: Alyssa Kirsten

Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy to finally be done with relaunching ChannyintheCity. Due to my crazy work schedule (7 days a week) I've had to change the design and concept of ChannyintheCity. As much as I would love to be able to provide you all with fashion and styling content on a consistent basis, my current schedule just will not allow it. What I've decided to do is, change the focus of the blog from content with crappy visuals, (we should all be honest when critiquing ourselves, my previous visuals were crappy) to a space with amazing visuals and very little content.

I hope in the future to be able to provide you all with both amazing content and visuals. As of now, I know that I can begin to provide you with amazing weekly style inspiration, a commitment I know I can keep.

Most looks featured will almost always be office appropriate. I want my blog/lookbook to be a woman's favorite destination for ideas on how to stay stylish, chic and on trend in the business/corporate environment. I really do hope my love of colors and pushing boundaries, in terms of corporate attire, will give you a place to visit to get inspired and push some boundaries with your own office attire. I find so many blogs and Instagram accounts are filled with beautiful ladies, in beautiful clothes, styled beautifully. However, none of those beautiful ladies, would ever wear those beautiful clothes, styled how they are to an office with out a visit to HR on a regularly basis. Most style/fashion blogs and Instagram accounts are really only relevant for your Friday night to Sunday night lives. I want my blog to provide stylish and fun style inspiration that's appropriate for your Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm life, as well as for you after work evening life.

ChannyintheCity will also not just feature me. I hope to routinely offer style inspiration for plus size women by featuring plus size women on the blog an plus size options through me shoppable looks. I know not everyone was born with my genes, but everyone can and should look fabulous.

To deliver on this commitment I have begun working with professional photographers and am getting more comfortable in front of the camera (I am so much better in person than how I come across on camera!) in the hopes of providing you some truly inspiring looks.

I'm also taking another FIT class that starts this Monday, Introduction to Fashion Styling. I know what my personal style is, and that's what I'll be showcasing on the blog. I want to begin to learn how to help any and everyone find their true sense of style and embrace it. I hope the classes at FIT will help with this, so stay tuned.

From time to time I will do a post about things that are going on in my life. I'll be visiting Ireland in August so get ready for some fun shots of me there and a post about this size on what I did and the things I saw.

My name is ChannyintheCity on Instagram, Facebook (its very boring I only have it for Insta ads :)) and Pinterest. I use my Pinterest to pin looks mostly from current run way shows. I find it's a good way to stay current with what's going on in high-end fashion. It's a great source for keeping up with trending colors and styling tips.

Until next time my lovlies.

XOXO ChannyintheCity


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