Business Done Right with J.Crew and Old Navy

Photos: Alyssa Kirsten Photography

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Blazer H&M | Sweater Old Navy (linked above) | Skirt J.Crew (linked above) | Belt J.Crew |

Sandals Asos

I had so much fun playing around on the playground for this shoot. The blazer worn for this shoot is no longer available at H&M, but it is a great silhouette to add to your wardrobe. Bell sleeves and ruffle sleeves are so popular but impossible to wear a jacket or blazer with due to the size and details of the sleeves. Blazers/jackets with wider sleeve openings like the one I'm wearing are perfect to pair with bell sleeves and other tops that have a sleeve detail. Try to find one you can dress up and down in a neutral color. You'll likely have the blazer/jacket for the next season or 2 given this trend is only gaining popularity.

P.S. I forgot to use my breast tape and nipple concealers for this shoot. Learn from my mistake and buy the breast tape and nipple concealers. It takes a try or 2 to get the hang of using it but it's worth it!

XOXO ChannyintheCity


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