Big Girls Wear White... and Other Colors Too!

Photos: Alona Jey

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Blazer Zara | Top Zara | Pants Banana Republic | Shoes Stuart Weitzman | Handbag Henri Bendel

If you're anything like me you've shied away from wearing white jackets, blazers or pants because your'e a messy person who always spills on white. Now that I'm 30 I have decided to put this fear to rest, and not only buy white pieces of clothing, but actually wear them (and not let them sit in my closet thinking well at least you bought the cute white jacket lol). To get over my fear of ruining white pieces of clothing I've decided to only buy them from stores like H&M, Zara, etc. Never paying too much for the item allows me to wear it, possibly ruin it, and not feel bad. I hope my leap of faith into wearing more white (because remember you're a big girl now lol) will inspire you to buy some of the really cute sleeveless blazers I have in the shop on the blog. As state in a previous post, sleeveless blazers like the one I'm wearing are a must have to pair with wear some of these beautiful ruffle sleeve tops that are so possible this year. They allow you to show off the sleeve detail without wrinkling it, and gives your look a more polished finish for the office.

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