ChannyintheCity's 2018 Top Spring/Summer: Runway Edition Vol. 2

Here's part 2 of the 2018 spring/summer runway trends. Again these trends might not be in stores yet, but they likely will be over the next year. Big retailers tend to use the high-end/luxury shows to influence their clothes, however, not every runway trend is replicated by bigger retailers, as the big retailers are appealing to a broader audience.

I hope these posts inspire you to shop your closet before shopping in stores.

Polka Dots

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Trouser Suits in Statement Colors/Prints

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Zara is typically a very good source for this trend as well.

Asymmetrical Hems and Necklines

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High Waist Bottoms

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Midi length Skirts/Dresses

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Photos courtesy of runway.

XOXO ChannyintheCity


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